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Bowen, Chieh-Chen

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Employees -- Rating of, Personnel management, Performance appraisals, Perception, Fairness, Perception of fairness


The perception of fairness in performance appraisals (PA) is one of the most important factors and considered a criterion when reviewing PA effectiveness (Jacobs, Kafry, and Zedeck, 1980). In this particular study, I examined numerous variables in three main categories: interpersonal, procedural, and outcome fairness. Keep in mind that although these are three distinct categories, they are all inter-related. One hundred ninety-two employees, from the research and development section of a large retail company, voluntarily participated. The results were slightly contradictory to what was expected yet they were good results. The interpersonal variable, manager effectiveness, along with the outcome variables, fair pay and rewards, and an employee's last year's performance rating are the strongest predictors of the perception of fairness. However, there was not a significant finding in age discrimination

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Psychology Commons