Date of Award


Degree Type



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Delatte, Norbert

Subject Headings

Pavements -- Maintenance and repair -- Evaluation, Potholes (Roads) -- Maintenance and repair -- Research, Potholes -- Ohio, Civil Engineering, patching, pavement, bridge deck, durability, installation, feild testing


Pavement patching is a common maintenance activity in the state of Ohio, due to numerous freeze-thaw cycles. The Ohio Transportation (ODOT) has a need for durable, more permanent high performing pavement and bridge deck materials that allow for a faster repair and for user safety. New or proprietary products were chosen, installed, and monitored in order to specify for use in future ODOT construction, based on the field performance of the products. The objective of this study was to document the investigation, installation, and field testing of the previously chosen high performance patching materials. The investigation determined the proper field testing criteria used throughout this project. The installation of the patches was performed in both winter and summer weather conditions. Observations regarding the different products installed, and the installation process, were documented throughout the installations in order to determine which products are easier to install, and in order to document the potential problems that could arise throughout a future patching project. Field testing and visual inspections were performed throughout the project as well, in order to determine the overall performance of the products being tested. The proper installation and testing of these new products will assist in determining the overall performance of these patching products