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Education and Human Services

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Lam, Eddie T. C.

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Sporting goods, Teleshopping -- China, Consumer behavior -- China


China is a fast growing developing country and has become an important market for sport products. China also has the most web users in the world. For this reason, to understand the purchasing style of Chinese online shoppers on sport products is important and valuable to sport marketers. The purpose of this study was to examine the purchasing style of Chinese online consumers on sports products using the Purchase Style Inventory for Sport Products (PSISP). The PSISP consists of 42 items under nine dimensions: (1) Quality, (2) Brand, (3) Fashion, (4) Recreation, (5) Price, (6) Impulse, (7) Confusion, (8) Habit, and (9) Endorsement. In this study, a section on demographics was also included in the questionnaire. Participants were subscribers (N = 576) of the following two major websites: and The Dimension Reduction procedure from the PASW Statistics 18 (2011) was used to identify the factor structure of the PSISP. Factorial ANOVAs were adopted to compare the mean differences among the Chinese online shoppers in the following variables: gender, age, marital status, income, and profession. Results of the exploratory factor analysis indicated that a 7-factor model was the most interpretable for the consumers in China. The results also revealed that there were significant (p < .05) differences in Chinese online purchasing styles between gender, age, marital status, and profession. The comparisons and implications were discussed

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