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Education and Human Services

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Moore, James R.

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Action research in education -- Ohio -- Cleveland -- Case studies, Teacher-student relationships -- Ohio -- Cleveland -- Case studies, Industrial management -- Employee participation, Education, Participatory, Marxist, Paolo Freire, Jean Piaget, Ferrer, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Seymour Papert


Participatory learning or "Participatory Education" as a formal declaration of either ideology or praxis has yet to be written and I would certainly not attempt to write one in the current educational capacity I now find myself in however I have found myself in the unique position of actually being first to something and so have decided to enjoin the relatively scant sketches of, as far as the great blade of written history is concerned, cutting edge economic philosophy with the over-personal, absolutely singular experience of a student-teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. The principles of Participatory Education are adapted from the book Participatory Economics by Michael Albert however Albert is building the case for equitable economies and therefore far outstrips the scope of this small study. I have borrowed from Participatory Economics only the concepts of: affective decision-making or decision making by those affected which engenders ownership of decision, liberation theories, regarding power--by the deed and the creed--and the use of power in the group, and freedom of movement, which ties in to both power and choice

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