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Neuendorf, Kimberly

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Digital media, Streaming video, Motion pictures, online streaming, film, film streaming, uses and gratifications


Streaming films online has become a popular and unique way to view films. This study was designed to identify the uses and gratifications of using streaming film services, and identify any differences in quality of the streaming experience when compared to the original film. This study drew from past uses and gratifications research on film, television, VCRs, DVDs, and other film-related technologies to develop a survey determining the motivations of both streamers and non-streamers. Additionally a content analysis was used to determine the quality of film presentation when streaming a film online. The survey revealed that the main uses and gratifications for online film streaming could be broken down into five distinct categories. It also demonstrated that viewers are concerned about the quality of the film they are receiving, but it is not necessarily enough to cause them not to use a streaming service. The content analysis revealed that distinct differences exist between the quality of streaming films and the original film, including aspect ratio, color and sound quality, and picture clarity

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