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Park, Ernest

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Avoidance (Psychology), Motivation (Psychology), Humor, Approach, Avoidance, Motivation


Approach and avoidance motivation have been used to study many phenomena, but no research has yet investigated the influence of humor on approach and avoidance motivation. The feelings associated with humor are also associated with situations high in safety and low in threat. These sorts of situations are likely to result in decreases in avoidance motivation. Participants viewed either a humorous video clip or a mundane video clip and then completed a series of self-report measures to assess levels of approach and avoidance motivation. Contrary to expectations, composites of measures of approach and avoidance motivation were not influenced by the viewing of a humorous video clip. On the other hand, some specific items and behavioral measures suggest that the presence of humor is having an influence on motivation. Implications and suggestions for future research are discussed

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