Ring Rust

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Rahman, Imad

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fiction, westling, idenity, family, violence, Ohio


The world of professional wrestling, or in the case of Ring Rust, semi-professional wrestling, houses its own culture, and its own sense of family and identity. The two chapters presented here are part of the larger work set in this world and told from four perspectives: Brooks "Jack Raptor" Murphy, star of the Rustbelt Wrestling Alliance Vivian Murphy, his estranged sister Gunnar "The Swedish Storm" Olsen, whose career is intertwined with Jack's and Maxine Hunter, local wrestling blogger. Though only Brooks and Vivian are represented in this excerpt, the lives of all four of these characters intertwine. The relationship between the siblings affects the choices Jack Raptor makes in the ring, changing the course of Gunnar's career, and causes Max to reexamine the relationship she has with Jack--a man she never even calls by his real name. The violence, spectacle, and voyeurism seep into each one's mind as they question their identity and their place in, out, and around the ring