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Rahman, Imad

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Short stories, American -- 21st century, Men -- United States -- Social life and customs -- Fiction, Men -- Fiction, Literature


The following stories contained here are the culmination of two year's work in the realm of the short story. In that time, I have further honed my writing voice and shaped these works in a way where they work in conjunction with each other as well as on their own. An over-arching theme I have in the work is a character (in these instances, specifically a man) who is unsatisfied with his current position in life but unwilling to put forth much effort to make a significant change. In some instances, that change is then forced upon the character by another source. The procedure behind writing these stories was one of trial and error. I have grown substantially as a writer in these two years, and to get these stories where they are now was a matter of trying something and then adjusting the work accordingly based on the feedback of that attempt. These stories, at least to me, feel cohesive enough to be included together in a collection, should that opportunity present itself