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Rakos, Richard

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Chronic pain Treatment -- Substance use, Substance abuse -- Treatment


Chronic pain affects approximately 15 of the adult population with substance use disorders (SUDS) estimated to co-occur in 15 to 28 of the chronic pain population. When these two disorders co-occur, there can be multiple implications for the affected individuals as well as numerous complications for treatment. This study examined the outcomes and program completion rates of two groups of chronic pain SUDS patients who had followed different treatment paths after their admission to the Cleveland Clinic's Chronic pain rehabilitation program (CC-CPRP). Prior to June of 2009, pre-identified chronic pain SUDS patients were advised to complete a separate chemical dependency program before attending the CC-CPRP and/or to attend 12-step meetings after their admission to the CC-CPRP. However, as of June 2009, chronic pain patients identified with co-morbid SUDS received integrated chronic pain treatment and substance use education within a specialized SUDS track of the CC-CPRP. Results from these two treatment group comparisons did not indicate significant differences between patient outcomes or program completion rates. Potential explanations and limitations are explored, as are considerations for future studies

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Psychology Commons