Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Rashidi, Majid

Subject Headings

Gearing, Spur, Finite element method, Spur gear


A Finite Element procedure has been developed in this work to determine the load distribution factor, Km, of the AGMA formula for a set of spur gear. At first, a spur gear with perfect involute is modeled using a 3-D CAD software. The model is them is assembled with shafts having 1, 2, and 3 degree misalignments. The generated 3-D models were in turn imported to ANSYS workbench to calculate the maximum bending and contact stresses using finite element method. The results generated were then compared with the maximum bending stress results obtained for parallel shafts to estimate the Load Distribution Factor Km. This study resulted in Km values of 1.03,1.11, and 1.14