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Rindfleisch, Andrew

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Music, Piano and oboe


Both music and poetry are used to describe experiences and communicate feelings. They express feelings or situations that are meaningful to the artists and speak to every level of emotion. I believe all music has expressive power, some musical works reveal this more than others, but all music carries meaning, with each work uniquely expressing that meaning. Dance With Me Tonight, a poem by Kristi Day, year unknown, has 12 stanzas. The work is mostly used in weddings and anniversaries. As much as I understood of the author's work, the piece begins in a minor mood setting to demonstrate the author's dearest wish to dance with her lover. The music continues and the moods change as the author's inner mind and struggles change from desperate to hopeful. The music and lyrics together represent the inner voice of the narrator. The tension builds until the final climax in the middle part, and then it slowly releases, changing the mood with a switch to a major key. The music gives both oboe and piano the same significant value as the soprano voice

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