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Rudd, Jill

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Self-disclosure -- Religious aspects, Sacred music, Worship -- Style, Worship styles, Music, Social identity, Communication, Lutheran, Traditional worship, Contemporary worship


This study explored worship style, music and social identity from a communication perspective. Specifically, this study was interested in understanding the variables that influence worship music preference. Results indicated that Missouri Synod Lutherans who prefer traditional worship components identify more strongly with the larger organization, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS). Moreover, music preference strongly predicts worship style preference. In addition, parishioners perception of self-disclosure in hymns and praise songs was also examined. Results indicated that certain dimensions of self-disclosure are more prevalent in hymns and praise songs than others and perceived self-disclosure is stronger with those who attend a contemporary worship service than those who attend a traditional service. Research participants completed a questionnaire survey, which utilized the Revised Self-Disclosure Scale to measure their perception of self-disclosure through worship music and the Identification with a Psychological Group scale to measure their identification with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Additionally, the survey measured music preference, worship preferences, lifestyle values and religiosity

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