Date of Award


Degree Type



Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Sawicki, Jerzy

Subject Headings

Tomography, Scanning systems, Rotors -- Dynamics, Computed tomography balancing, Rotating array, Rigid rotor techniques


Since the beginning of medical organizations, engineering departments have introduced new innovative ideas and designs to advance image quality. In the case of a CT scanner, one of the largest and most cost effective ways to achieve superior image quality is through a well balanced rotating array. The focus of this thesis is the development of a balancing procedure which will effectively balance a CT scanner rotating array. Rigid rotor (dynamic) balancing techniques are utilized in order to balance the Philips CT scanner rotor. Upon completion of the dynamic balancing of the CT scanner rotor a new an innovative way to balancing CT scanners is developed. This effective balancing procedure for the CT scanner rotor is proven to be efficient and cost effective when balancing in a high volume manufacturing environment