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Monaghan, Catherine

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Teachers -- Training of -- United States, Mentoring in education -- United States, Student teachers -- Supervision of -- United States, Multicultural education -- United States, Teacher effectiveness -- United States, culturally responsive teaching, teaching efficacy, teaching outcome expectancy, pre-service teachers, teacher preparation programs, teacher educators, university supervisors, mentor teachers


Researchers agree that teachers' attitudes and efficacy beliefs play a significant role in student achievement (Armor et al., 1976 Hoy & Spero, 2005 Szabo & Mokhtari, 2004 Woolfolk & Hoy, 1990). Teachers with high self-efficacy: 1) believe they can positively influence students' learning and achievement despite environmental conditions (Armor et al., 1976 Ashton & Webb, 1986 Gibson & Dembo, 1984) and 2) assume accountability for student learning (Gibson & Dembo, 1984 Ross, 1998 Siwatu, 2007). On the contrary, teachers with low teacher efficacy have minimal expectations for and fewer interactions with minority students. They are also more likely to feel teacher burnout and abandon the profession (Betoret, 2006 Friedman, 2004 Guerra, Attar, & Weissberg, 1997). Various studies have confirmed that even after successfully completing multicultural courses and field experiences, interns' negative beliefs and low outcome expectancies for minority students remained (Garmon, 1996, 2004 Easter, Schultz, Neyhart & Reck, 1999). Although little is known about how teaching efficacy develops, it is possible that programs incorporating efficacy-building opportunities assist to create and maintain a pool of quality teachers in culturally diverse schools (Clark & Wegener, 2009 Garcia, 2004 Milner, 2005 Santoro & Allard, 2005 Tucker et al., 2005 Siwatu, 2007 Swearingen, 2009). The purpose of this study will be to examine patterns in culturally responsive teaching self efficacy and outcome expectancies between interns, mentor teachers, university supervisors, and teacher educators in an urban teacher education program

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