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Education and Human Services

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Sparks, Kenneth

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Universities and colleges -- Health promotion services, Employee health promotion -- Evaluation, Universities and colleges -- Employees -- Health and hygiene, clerical studies continuing education education health health education physical education public health education


The purpose of this study was to assess office workers' perceptions of workplace wellness programs (WWP). Significant: The significance of this study is to determine the relationship between workplace wellness and the influence it has on employees. Methods: An email was sent to 365 employees that participated in the Workplace Wellness Program at Cleveland State University (CSU). Flyers were posted on campus and participants were solicited by word-of-mouth. The fifteen (N=15) respondents were interviewed to assess their attitudes and perceptions regarding a workplace wellness program. Findings: Two-thirds (66 ) of the participants interviewed described their overall health as good but needs improvement. Over half (60 ) of the participants described wellness as being physically active or fit with three participants indicating that wellness is a holistic concept. Nearly all (87 ) of the participants believe that employers should provide health and wellness programs. Over half (53 ) of the respondents stated that they believe that a culture of wellness exists at CSU. Conclusions: The majority of the respondents believe that a workplace wellness program has an impact on the perceptions of employees at Cleveland State University

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