Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Stankovic, Ana

Subject Headings

Wind power -- Stability, Electric power system stability, Permanent magnet motors, Squirrel cage motors, Induction generator, Electric motors, Induction, Wind power, Unbalanced grid operation, Permanent-magnet generator, Squirrel cage induction generator


This thesis presents a generalized control method for complete harmonic elimination and adjustable power factor of a grid side inverter under unbalanced operating conditions used in variable speed wind power systems. The theoretical analysis of the proposed control method is described and verified by simulation in Simulink®. Two types of traditional control methods are also explained and applied in the wind power system for comparison, which are the indirect current control in a-b-c reference frame and the active and reactive power control in d-q synchronous frame. This method is verified for the gird fault right-through operation as well