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Su, Bin

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Tablets (Medicine), Capsules (Pharmacy), Thermal analysis, Macrophotography


The current United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) test for tablet and encapsulated drug disintegration does not specify the initial disintegration time and provides limited information on the disintegration process itself. An isothermal Thermal Mechanical Analysis (IsoTMA) method is presented to measure the rate and initial time of drug disintegration, that is, the mechanical collapse of the gelatin capsule or the solid tablet. This method monitors changes in the dimensions of the formulated drugs during their disintegration in a liquid. Dimensional changes can be followed as a function of time, temperature, applied stress and pH. Some of the drugs studied were Olanzapine®, Ritalin® Amoxicillin®, and .Graphical representations of their dimensional changes over time were compared for tablets and capsules from 25°C to 37°Cand pH 3 to 7. An increase in temperature decreases the overall disintegration time and increases the rate of disintegration (mm/min). For Abilify®, pH had an appreciable effect on the rate of disintegration

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Chemistry Commons