Date of Award


Degree Type



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Villaseca, F. Eugenio

Subject Headings

DC-to-DC converters -- Design and construction, Welding, Electric inverters, DC-DC converter, Welding, Phase-shifted switching, Full bridge, Inverter


The purpose of this study is to design and analyze a DC-DC power converter for application in a welding power source that is cost-competitive with the more traditional, lower-tech welding power source topologies. This thesis first presents a background study of recent design approaches to DC-DC power converters, as they relate to application in welding power converters. The background study also surveys recent design approaches to welding power source controls. Evaluation of available options in DC-DC converter topologies and switching schemes for application in a welding power source is presented. Design methodology of a low-cost DC-DC converter for application in a welding power source is explained in detail. The design criteria are presented, and systematically solved for using a combination of electrical theory and computer-based modeling. The power converter design is modeled and verified through simulation. An economic analysis of the design proves it to be economically feasible, but still not as inexpensive as traditional, lower-tech solutions currently in use in the arc welding retail market. The most expensive component of the design is the power switching components, which have the potential for further cost reduction, and is recommended as future work