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Education and Human Services

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Koç, Selma

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English language -- Computer-assisted instruction for foreign speakers, English language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers, Educational technology, Education, technology, learning, ESL, student, cleveland, research, educational technology, toward, attitude


This research study aimed to evaluate the impact that technology could have on the development of language skills of English Second Language (ESL) college students. The importance of this topic was underlined in the comprehensive literature review that highlighted the existing debate between computer technology being a vital aid and helpful in the ESL classroom. This study focused on obtaining the student perspective concerning the use of technology and how technology may impact the learning process. A survey with Lkert scale questions and three open-ended questions were used in the study. The 50 student participants were gathered from Cleveland State University and were all ESL students and had access to technology. The survey consisted of nine questions. In the survey, there were three different sections of questions. The first section was about the frequency of technology use in ESL classes. The choices were (daily, a few times a week, about week, a few times a month, about monthly, a few times a year, and never). The second section was about how using technologies tools helped in ESL. The choices were (very helpful, somewhat helpful, little helpful and not helpful at all). A Likert Scale of 1-4, with 4 having the highest value was used in the survey. The third section of the survey consisted of three open-ended questions about the attitudes and opinions of the students using technologies in their ESL learning. The study results provided conclusive evidence that students viewed the use of technology as an effective, helpful way of learning English and improve the learning process in the classroom. The participants did point out their opinions of using technology in the ESL classroom and how the technology helps them increase their knowledge and skills in English

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