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Education and Human Services

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Hampton, Frederick

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High school principals -- Nigeria, Educational leadership -- Nigeria, Teachers -- Job satisfaction -- Nigeria, Transformational leadership, Decision making, Job satisfaction, Academic schievement, Professional development, Nigerian schools, Electronic books. local


This study investigated the relationship between teachers' perceptions of principals' transformational leadership skills and teachers' job satisfaction. It also revealed the relationship between principals' demographic characteristics and their perceptions of their ability to be transformational in their leadership styles. Participants were 518 secondary school teachers and 48 principals from two large Local Government Areas in Southeastern Nigeria. Multiple linear regression was used to analyze data. It was found that principals' transformational leadership skills significantly impacted teachers' job satisfaction. Some demographic variables of teachers were also studied to determine their relationship with job satisfaction. The results revealed that principals who spent more years in the same school perceived their leadership as transformational while principals with less number of years in the same school did not. Principals' years of professional experience and gender did not account for a significant variance in their perceptions of their ability to be transformative in their leadership styles. It was recommended that education ministries and boards should establish and implement programs that help to foster transformational leadership skills among school principals. Programs such as seminars, workshops and updates on school administration might be of great help. It was also recommended that secondary school principals demonstrate fundamental respect for teachers' ingenuity, ideas, decisions, knowledge and growth, and develop skills for building and maintaining friendship and collegiality. Finally, this study recommended that education ministries and boards integrate demographic characteristics of school principals/teachers with continuous assessment and evaluation of their performance

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