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Judge, Katherine

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Change (Psychology), Dementia -- Patients -- Care, Caregivers -- Mental health, dementia caregiver dyad readiness to change transtheoretical model discrepancies


The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of behavior change outlines a five-step categorization of stages that delineate an individual's readiness to alter a behavior. This model has been used as a basis for understanding the behavioral change process and for tailoring interventions (e.g., smoking cessation and weight management). Little research exists, however, applying the TTM to behaviors among individuals with dementia (IWD) and their caregivers (CGs). Unlike many other behavior changes, the changes associated with adapting to and coping with dementia often rely on changes in both the CG and the IWD. Based on this cooperative aspect of the IWD/CG dyad, it was hypothesized that larger dyad discrepancies would predict poorer psychosocial well-being, as measured by depression, anxiety, quality of life, and relationship strain. This hypothesis, however, was not supported. This paper will discuss the literature to date, the psychometric testing of a novel Readiness to Change measure in this population, and future directions for this field

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