Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Education


College of Education and Human Services

First Advisor

Schultheiss, Donna

Subject Headings

Counseling Psychology, Education, Mental Health, Teaching


International students face many challenges as they adapt to a new host country. These challenges are present in social, psychological, academic, and career domains of life. Although students aim to reduce the difficulties encountered in the acculturation process, negative experiences often have a harmful impact. Acculturative stress can negatively affect mental and physical health, as well as career outcomes. The literature focusing on the career-related needs and placement concerns of international students with relation to acculturative stress is scare and needs further exploration. The present study investigated the relationship between acculturative stress and the career outcomes of work hope, career outlook, occupational awareness, career agency, career aspirations (leadership, achievement, and educational), and job-search self-efficacy. The findings from this investigation suggested that international students who reported more acculturation difficulties associated with Perceived Discrimination, Perceived Hate and Fear, and to a lesser extent Homesickness; also tended to report less Work Hope, a more Negative Career Outlook, lower Achievement Aspirations, Leadership Aspirations, Educational Aspirations, Career Agency, and Job Search Self-Efficacy.