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Education and Human Services

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Hampton, Frederick

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Teacher effectiveness -- Ohio, Self-efficacy, Education, Urban -- Ohio, Motivation in education -- Ohio, self-efficacy, teacher, student motivation


This quantitative study examined the factors that impact urban teachers' efficacy and their ability to motivate urban students within their classroom. Teacher efficacy was the primary factor observed in this study. Five dimensions were created to guide the study: motivation, administrative support, teacher power, teacher morale, and a teacher's teaching method. There were significant differences found in all dimensions that supported the fact that efficacy measurements influence student motivation. Such factors as the number of days that a teacher missed in a given school year and the teacher's grade level were found to be significant factors that determine a teacher's efficacy level and how that level influenced how a teacher may motivate his/her students. This study will prove beneficial to administrators hoping to develop methods that will increase teacher efficacy to improve student motivation

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