What Would You Say to Cleveland's New Mayor?

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Community Leader - Cleveland Magazine


mayor, Greater Cleveland, innovation, economic growth


Congratulations on your election. You will be besieged with advice in the coming weeks, so I decided to write to you with some unsolicited advice before you have been elected and even before I know your name.

Your political capital will never be higher than it is now, so garner widespread support for some bold initiatives in your first 100 days. Your success as mayor will be measured by your ability to bring diverse Greater Clevelanders together around a common agenda.

I urge you to be humble. Listen. Be inclusive. Reach out to rivals, critics and skeptics and bring them to your table.

I urge you to be bold. You have been elected to one four-year term. Don’t act as if you will have two or three. Think of your tenure as mayor as a successive series of your first 100 days and act with urgency.

Mayor, all of us, including those who did not support you, want you to succeed, because if you succeed, we succeed.


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