Defending K-12 Education Against the New Racism


Defending K-12 Education Against the New Racism



Critical Race Theory’s Narrative of Anti-Racism has tremendous power. The problem is that the Anti-Racism advocated by Ibram Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, the “Woke,” Nikole Hannah-Jones and many of those aggressively advocating Critical Race “Theory” ideology throughout America’s key institutions is itself the “New Racism.” It is a naked quest for power through propaganda, intimidation, and the abuse of the extremely important moral and political concerns of racial and social justice. The irony is that, if, as the Woke and Crits assert, racism only exists in connection to power, then the Woke and Critical Race Theory movements at this point have come to possess highly significant and even controlling amounts of power over education, politics, governmental institutions, and economic actors. Consequently, they can be condemned as racist according their own terms. Certainly they are behaving as racists—not only against the Whites they condemn across the board—but against Blacks who dare to challenge them, or do not support their agenda and assertions, or condemn the hateful rhetoric being used to intimidate and silence their opponents.

What I am attempting to do with Defending K-12 Education is to challenge and expose with clarity through examples how this destructive movement is taking issues of profound moral significance to me and millions of others—those of fighting against the lingering effects of racism and for the need to ensure fair treatment for all in America—and twisted it into a one-sided campaign for power and control. That movement has constructed a narrative that is tearing our nation apart, and creating a shattered divided community in which the participants will be “at each other’s throats” if what is taking place is not confronted and stopped. Defending K-12 Education seeks to brings these issues to the fore.



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Critical Race Theory (CRT), anti-racism, social justice


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Defending K-12 Education Against the New Racism