Celebrating Iqbal Day

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Cleveland City Club Friday Forum Series


Cleveland City Club

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Cleveland, Ohio


Dr. Forte discusses the three phases of the civil war that engulfed Western civilization in the twentieth century, i.e., imperialism, fascism and communism. It was not until the United States recognized Communism as an evil (rather than as territorial expansionism) that it could be defeated. He then compares the civil war in twenty-first century Islam to that civil war. He states that Bin-Ladin's values are alien to Islam, e.g., referring to those who do not accept his values as apostates and their subsequent condemnation. It is only when Islam and the West recognize Bin-Laden and his pseudo-Islam for the evil that it is will terrorism be defeated. He then contrasts the message of terrorism to the message of tolerance found in the poetry of Muhammad Iqbal and the peaceful messages of his words


Videocassette available in Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library's Special Collection.

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