Migration stories represent a wealth of opportunities for K-12 educators and their students to engage with a common theme in diverse geographic and historical contexts. Using migration as an analytical lens, participating educators apply historical thinking skills to Social Studies content ranging from local history projects to broad, and interdisciplinary, analysis of global migration patterns.

This symposium is the culmination of work started at the 2015 Teacher Institute, which considered migration in a global framework, examining both national and local migration processes and connecting them to broader world historical themes. Each day of the summer teacher institute emphasized different aspects of humanities content, research methods, and pedagogical techniques. These include historical thinking, project-based learning, oral history, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Migration in Global Context Teacher Symposium is the culminating event to our institute program and follow-up activities and was generously supported by an Ohio Humanities Educator Enrichment Grant. The Symposium took place on April 15, 2016 at Cleveland State University. The event was free and open to public.

Parking Information: Presenters and Summer Institute Participants should park in the Central Garage (CG lot) with the code emailed to them by event administrators. See side column for links to a campus map, directions, and more.

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