William White


Ohio APS statutes are antiquated, do not reflect the increasingly complex needs of self-neglecting elderly, and need to be changed to decrease the likelihood of significant self-harm or even death, as represented in the story of Carlene. Section II of this paper provides background information on elder self-neglect and APS. Section III discusses why Ohio needs to mandate that APS jurisdiction includes nursing facilities and how the law could be effectively changed. Section IV discusses how APS interventions need to evolve to meet the diverse needs of the growing elderly population; a singular investigative response no longer fits for every client. Instead, development of a differential or alternative response system will be proposed. Adopted from the field of child protective services, differential response emphasizes a more collaborative approach with the elderly person towards the goal of maintaining community living. Lastly, Section V discusses the financial hurdles that APS will face in making effective changes and possible funding avenues.