Lauren Orrico


Section II of this Note will provide background on the practices of the United States farming system, which fosters the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This section will also provide background on the detrimental effects that antibiotic resistance has on human health and will briefly describe the legal history of food and drug regulations. After establishing an informational foundation, Part III will elaborate on current laws and describe the legal authority of key players, before pointing out the shortcomings in current animal feed policy and recommending the development of further regulation in this area. Additionally, Part III will propose new legislation to address social and economic costs, while also addressing the needs of farmers and meat consumers. This Note proposes a three-tiered approach for tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance based on congressional legislation, mandatory FDA standards, and proper court enforcement. Finally, this Note will conclude with a restatement of the essential issues and the way in which the proposed legislation will alleviate those problems.