Panel discussion: Some solutions to the uninsured problem happening right here in Cleveland. The Health Policy Coalition is a group which presents health insurance reform ideas to Congress. Charles Weller talked about the Coalition. Powell Woods described the Cleveland Health Quality Choice Program as follows: "Cleveland Health Quality Choice is based upon the principle that if we figure out a way to reward high quality and cost efficiency as the twin lynch pins of reimbursement in our health purchasing system, we can drive both quality and efficiency gains in the system which can help produce savings which will in turn help underwrite the problem of coverage for the uninsured." E. John Polk discussed employee health insurance programs offered by the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE). Kenneth Seminatore represented Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio. He proposed that the price escalation problem be solved by well-managed competition, such as that created by the 1987 of Senate Bill 124, the Health Insurance Reform Act. Mr. Seminatore also mentioned the problem of mandated benefits, stating, "A study by Dr. John Goodman of Dallas indicates that perhaps 20 percent of the uninsured nationally are uninsured because they're priced out of the market by mandated benefits they neither want, their insurance companies don't want to offer, and they can't afford. " He also proposed Medicaid buy-in for the working poor.


Symposium: Ohioans without Health Insurance: How Big a Problem - Are there Solutions