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Spring 1955

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Victim's bed with the covers arranged to correspond with the arrangement shown in the exhibits of the prosecution: the bloody side of the pillow upward, the pillow occupying the blood-free region of the lower sheet, and the top covers turned back so that all of the exposed area showed blood spotting. On the bed, chiefly on the exposed portion of the lower sheet, the turned-back portion of the upper sheet, and on top of the pillow, were a large number of small blood spots. On the side nearest Marilyn's bed there was a region of larger spots, none over 1/4" in diameter. Over the remainder of the bed the spots were much smaller and showed by their shape that the droplets were moving at relatively high velocity and numerous drops moved in an arc approaching the horizontal. Many of them had dropped more nearly vertically, representing higher arcs of flight.


Paul L. Kirk investigation, forensic testing, blood spatter, bedroom