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October 2010

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Academic Library Association of Ohio


Each fall reluctant first year students are herded into the academic library for a one-shot, sixty minute library session. Desperate to keep students’ eyes from glossing over and fingers from texting, librarians have tried everything from treasure hunts and games to murder mysteries and raves. But what if you do not have the time, staff, budget, or energy to orchestrate an hour of edutainment for thousands of students? In this session you will discover how one librarian managed to engage her students and reduce her stress by surrendering control and allowing the students to take the lead in the classroom. Attend this session and find out what happens when students teach their peers about library resources and services. The librarian will explain how she used a course management system, discovery learning, and small groups to create an introductory library session for first year students that did not bore them, or her, to death. In addition to sharing her lesson plan and facilitator tips, she will discuss the methods she used to assess student learning and the unexpected insights she gained about first year students’ information literacy skills.

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