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As more students experience higher education in distance courses and online degree programs, librarians recognize the importance of their presence in campus learning management systems (LMSs). To provide this important distance support in the most effective way possible, librarians should follow online instructional design best practices. This poster describes one librarian’s experiences collaborating with her eLearning Department to learn about the Quality Matters (QM) program, and the steps she took to apply the QM rubric to her own online learning objects. The QM program uses a research-inspired rubric and peer-review system to ensure high quality online courses for participating institutions. While QM is usually applied to credit-bearing online courses, the librarian found it valuable to apply the QM rubric to her online workshops, and she will share ways for attendees to use QM values to improve the design and delivery of a variety of information literacy online learning objects.

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Goodsett, M. (2017). An elearning partnership: Applying the Quality Matters rubric to online library instructional materials. Poster presented at the meeting of the Academic Library Association of Ohio in Columbus, OH.

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