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Through the lense of critical librarianship, librarians are becoming increasingly involved in social justice and human rights issues. This poster describes a collaboration between a subject librarian and a faculty member in which students were given an assignment that drew on Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP). The goal of PSP is to increase students’ sense of civic agency and personal and social responsibility by connecting their classwork to public arenas.

ENG 208 is a course that intersects with Black Studies and Women’s Studies, and the PSP project built on an assignment to read Blanche Cleans Up, a detective novel targeting lead poisoning in poor urban areas. Students received library instruction and created research projects that explored the ways in which their chosen disciplines addressed issues surrounding lead poisoning. In the culmination of the PSP project, students presented their work at a library-sponsored poster symposium and discussed it with interested community members.

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Goodsett, M. & Gosselin, A. (2017). Increasing faculty collaboration and community engagement through critical librarianship and public sphere pedagogy. Poster presented at the meeting of the Academic Library Association of Ohio in Columbus, OH.