Making It Click: Using an Audience Response System to Engage Students and Assess Learning

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March 2009

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University System of Ohio: Libraries, Learning, and Technology Conference


As accessibility to technology in the classroom increases and promises to improve student engagement and performance, it is easy to be tempted into using wikis, blogs and clickers without fully understanding the implications of their use. Librarians and other educators continuously experiment with new technologies in an attempt to lure Millennials away from their iPods and cell phones, but without careful consideration of the pedagogy that supports the use of these new technologies, their effectiveness as learning tools is diminished. This session will focus on the use of an audience response system (“clickers”) to engage students in active learning during information literacy instruction. The pedagogy behind the use of an audience response system will be discussed; the presenter will offer examples and techniques for effectively employing clickers in an educational setting based on her experiences and current literature. The presenter will also explore data collection and assessment using an audience response system.

After this session, participants will be able to:

• Define what an audience response system is and identify its uses in educational settings

• Develop the pedagogical framework for using an audience response system in their lesson plans

• Create audience response lessons that engage students and foster active learning

• Articulate their learning objectives as audience response questions that assess student comprehension

ARS_brochure.doc (1046 kB)
Audience Response System Brochure

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Audience Response Systme Summary of Best Practices

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Bibliography of Selected Sources