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Ronald L. Callihan, Sheppard home, beach


Ronald Callihan, a Bay Village fireman, stated that he was called to the Sheppard home on an ambulance run. When they got to the house, they brought the stretcher upstairs. He noted that the stairs were wet. He was instructed to wait for Dr. Richard N. Sheppard to arrive, so he and his partner went down to the beach where they saw some people fishing. They took down the names of the people and asked if they had seen anything suspicious. They stated that they had not but noticed some teenagers on another rock further down the beach and wondered what they were doing there. Callihan and his partner then returned to the home, retriever the stretcher, and placed it back in the ambulance. He noted that he saw a whiskey bottle sitting on the kitchen sink.


Also available in Box 10, Item Number 32



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