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Richard N. Sheppard, Richard A. Sheppard, Sam Sheppard, Marilyn Sheppard, Sam Reese (Chip) Sheppard, John P. Eaton, Samuel R. Gerber, J. Spencer Houk, Esther Houk, Sheppard home, Sam's medical bag, Koko, blood spatter


Sam Shepard's brother, Dr. Richard N. Sheppard, stated that he was awakened by a phone call from Mayor Houk around 6am on July 4. Mayor Houk informed him that Sam had been hurt and Marilyn might be dead. Richard relayed this information to his wife, who called other family members. Upon arriving at the Sheppard home, Richard entered and saw Sam sitting and holding his neck and head. He raced upstairs to help Marilyn, but found that she was dead and had been dead for at least 15 to 20 minutes. He noted the blood spatter in the room, the position of the body, and the clothing on the body.

After determining that there was nothing he could do for Marilyn, he went downstairs to help Sam and found that his other brother, Dr. Stephen Sheppard, had arrived. Richard and Stephen went upstairs and viewed the body. Richard then told Stephen to take Sam to the hospital. Richard checked on a sleeping Chip, gathered some of Chip's things, and asked his wife to bring him to their house.

After going to the hospital and learning that Sam was in stable condition, he and Stephen returned to the Sheppard home and looked around until they were asked to leave. When he returned to the hospital, Richard was present for part of Dr. Gerber's questioning of Sam. Richard also stated that Sam and Marilyn were a devoted couple, and that Koko was neither vicious nor a guard dog.



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