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Sam Sheppard, Marilyn Sheppard, Richard N. Sheppard, Fred F. Drenkhan, J. Spencer Houk, Esther Houk, Michael S. Grabowski, Patrick Gareau, Samuel R. Gerber, Sheppard home, Huntington Beach, Marilyn's body, Sam's medical bag, Sam's clothing, Sam's injuries


Bay Village patrolman Fred Drenkhan, the first police officer at the scene of the murder, stated that he received a call from Mayor Houk explaining that there had been an incident, possibly a murder, at the Sheppard home. He arrived at the home and was admitted by the Houks. He noted that Sam's medical bag was overturned, and that Sam was injured and did not have a shirt or undershirt on.

He went upstairs and noted Marilyn's injuries, acknowledging that she appeared to be deceased at that time. He then went downstairs to call for a doctor, the BVPD chief of police, and BVPD sergeant Jay Hubach. Dr. Richard N. Sheppard (Sam's brother) had already been called and arrived shortly thereafter. Richard Sheppard and Drenkhan went upstairs and Richard examined the body.

Drenkhan returned downstairs and requested help from the Cleveland Police Department. He then inspected the premises and the beach area to look for evidence. He did not see any indication of a struggle at the beach. After officers from the Cleveland Police Department arrived, they conducted an extensive search and took photos of the scene. Later in the day, Drenkhan went to Bay View Hospital to photograph Sam's injuries. He was not able to interview Sam until July 8, 1954 due to doctor's orders.



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