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Witness Statement


July 15, 1954

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Jessie Dill, Marilyn Sheppard


Jessie Dill gave a statement to the police regarding an encounter she had with Marilyn Sheppard at the beach in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Dill stated that she had spoken with a woman who would not give her name but said she had a son named Chip. The woman stated that her husband had been having affairs and that she wanted to divorce him, but she was four months pregnant.

The woman also stated that she had been having an affair with another man, but if she divorced her husband and married this other man, her baby would be a month old after she remarried. Dill described the woman, her wallet, and her purse. She stated that when she read of Marilyn's death, she called the Sheppard house and spoke to Marilyn's sister-in-law, who advised her to forget about their conversation on the beach.



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