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Richard A. Sheppard, Stephen A. Sheppard, Samuel R. Gerber, Sam's injuries, Sam's clothing, Bay View Hospital


Dr. Richard A. Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's father, stated that he received a phone call around 6am on July 4 from daughter-in-law Dorothy Sheppard informing him that Marilyn had been badly injured--possibly killed--and that Sam was badly injured. He went to Bay View Hospital to prepare for the arrival of one or both of them. When Stephen Sheppard arrived with Sam, Richard learned that Marilyn was deceased.

Richard noted that Sam's pants were very wet around the ankles. He stated that he removed some valuables from Sam's clothing and then later gave them to Dr. Gerber, including a check that was very wet. He stated that Sam and Marilyn had normal ups and downs, but they were very excited about the arrival of their new baby.


Also available in Box 10, Item number 19.



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