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Stephen A. Sheppard, Betty Sheppard, Samuel R. Gerber, Richard A. Sheppard, Marilyn's body, blood spatter, Sheppard home, Bay View Hospital, beach, Sam's injuries, Sam's clothing


Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's brother, stated that he received a phone call around 6am from his sister-in-law, Dorothy, stating that Marilyn had been murdered. He and his wife Betty drove to the Sheppard home. Upon arriving, he noticed Sam laying on the floor, spoke to him, and went upstairs to check on Marilyn. He noticed multiple lacerations and did not find a pulse. He went back downstairs where he determined that Sam was in shock and in need of medical attention. He took Sam to Bay View Hospital, where they were met by their father, Dr. Richard A. Sheppard. Upon examination, Drs. Stephen and Richard Sheppard found that Sam was in shock and had suffered a blow to the head. Several teeth were broken.

After examining Sam, Stephen returned to the crime scene. He stated that he noticed several wet patches on the floor leading to the beach. He then followed Dr. Gerber to the hospital. He stated that he gave Sam's clothes to his father, who then gave them to Chief Eaton. He also stated that Dr. Gerber requested the personal items that Richard Sheppard had taken from Sam's clothes.


Also in Box 10, Item number 18.



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