Books for sale from the Darius Milhaud Society Collection


Books for sale from the Darius Milhaud Society Collection



A selection of books from the Darius Milhaud Society Collection are on sale here for $30.00 each. Founded by Katharine Warne in 1986, the Darius Milhaud Society was a musical organization designed to promote and preserve the music and legacy of French 20th century composer Darius Milhaud. The collection contains materials that relate to Darius Milhaud or the Darius Milhaud Society.

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Various books for sale at $30 each: Catalogue des Œeuvres de Darius Milhaud by Madeleine Milhaud, 1982; Claudel on the Theatre by Paul Claudel, 1966; Conversations with Madeleine Milhaud by Roger Nichols, 1996; Darius Milhaud, A Short Biography by Paul Collaer, 1988; Entretiens avec Claude Rostand by Darius Milhaud, 1998; Ma vie Heureuse by Darius Milhaud, 1987; Music in the 20th Century: From Debussy through Strainsky by William W. Austin, 1966; My Happy Life: An Autobiography by Darius Milhaud,1995; Notes sur la Musique: Essais et Chroniques by Darius Milhaud, 1982; Paris: The Musical Kaleidoscope 1870-1925 by Elaine Brody, 1987; Phonographie de Darius Milhaud: 1892-1974 par Francine Bloch, 1992; Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur: Des Compositeurs a Feter, 1992; Surrender on Demand by Varian Fry, 1945; The Mystery of Samba: Popular Music and National Identity in Brazil by Hermano Vianna, 1999.

To purchase one or more copies of these books, please call 216-875-9734 or email (subject line Milhaud book sale). Quantities are limited.

Books for sale from the Darius Milhaud Society Collection