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Davis v. State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Case No. CV96-312322



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plaintiff's filing, motion in limine, expert witness, James Chapman, John Wilson, Rajit Chakaborty


The Estate of Sam Sheppard opposed the State’s motions to exclude three expert witnesses: Professor James Chapman, John Wilson, and, Dr. Rajit Chakraborty.

Professor Chapman is a criminologist from New York; the State sought exclusion because the Estate of Sam Sheppard did not meet the submission deadline set at the pretrial conference. The Estate explains that necessary documents, such as the1966 trial transcript, were not made available by the State for review soon enough to meet this deadline.

The Estate explains that John Wilson’s testimony should be admitted because it challenges some of the expert testimony the State has secured. Wilson would later testify that Sam Sheppard suffered from PTSD.

The Estate argues that the submission deadline does not apply to Chakraborty because he is only testifying to an issue raised for the first time by the State.


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