Document Type

Appeal No. 23551


May 31, 1955

Case Title

State v. Sheppard, Eighth District Court of Appeals Case No. 23551

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Eighth District Court of Appeals, newly discovered evidence, Paul L. Kirk, blood evidence, criminal profiling, forensic testing


In their appeal (no. 23551) brief, Sam Sheppard's attorneys asserted that he should be granted a new trial based on newly discovered evidence because the defense team did not have access to the crime scene until two days after the verdict finding him guilty. Once given access to the Sheppard home, the defense hired Dr. Paul Kirk for forensic testing and analysis.

Dr. Kirk discovered blood on a wardrobe door at the murder scene that he claimed did not belong to Sam or Marilyn Sheppard. Kirk further determined that forensic evidence showed that the murderer was left-handed, excluding Sam as a suspect because he was right-handed. Dr. Kirk confirmed the defense theory that the murder was probably the result of a sexual attack.



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