Document Type

Post-Trial Motion


April, 1955

Case Title

State v. Sheppard, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Case No. 64571

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Roger W. Marsters, blood evidence, newly discovered evidence, forensic testing


Dr. Roger W. Marsters, a specialist in blood groupings, critiqued Dr. Paul Kirk's techniques and conclusions concerning the large blood spot on the wardrobe door. Kirk concluded that the blood spot could not have been Sam Sheppard's or Marilyn Sheppard's. Marilyn Sheppard had type O blood, and though the large spot on the door was type O, Dr. Kirk found that it had different characteristics than Marilyn's blood.

Dr. Marsters averred that "Dr. Kirk is postulating different qualities of type O blood characteristic. Even under ideal conditions of fresh blood reactions, subgroups of type O are unknown."



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