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Sheppard v. Maxwell, United States District Court, S.D. Ohio, Civ. No. 6640


May 21, 1964

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Sheppard v. Maxwell

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Trial Judge Impartiality, due process


This transcript of statements by Common Pleas Clerk of Court, Edward T. Murray describes a July 1954 casual conversation with the Honorable Judge Blythin while he was in Court Room 1 (not in-session) amidst a few other local attorneys. They talked about the Sheppard murder that had recently occurred, but more importantly when he (Judge Blythin) went to pick up his mail from his box -- which was the main reason he was in Court Room 1 -- he made the remark that "Sam Sheppard was as guilty as he was innocent." According to Mr. Murray, he (Judge Blythin) said it in "that Welsh brogue of his," and "I have never forgotten that remark that he made."

Along with this descriptive remark, the Prosecuting and Sheppard Counsel Attorneys present asked Mr. Murray a few detail questions about the date and who the other attorneys were in Court Room 1 when Judge Blythin made his remarks. Mr. Murray was confident about the summer month of July and he could only recall one attorney's name, Mr. Emmett Mayer, Esq.



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