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Trial transcript, pages 5013-5594, covering December 2, 1954 to December 6, 1954

Includes testimony of defense witness Dr. Stephen Allen Sheppard, Sam Sheppard's brother; discussion re: possible bias caused by Walter Winchell radio broadcast; questioning the jurors re: broadcast

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Cleveland, Ohio


1954 trial, Judge Edward Blythin, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Fred W. Garmone, William H. Corrigan, Frank T. Cullitan, John H. Mahon, Saul S. Danaceau, Thomas J. Parrino, Stephen A. Sheppard, publicity, change of venue


Photo: Betty and Stephen Sheppard (sister-in-law and brother of Sam Sheppard), 1954, from Cleveland Memory

Volume 09, 1954 Trial Transcript: Defense Witness Stephen Sheppard and Questioning of Jury re: Walter Winchell Broadcast



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