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Download Testimony of James Bird, p. 7053-7063 (291 KB)

Download Motion to present new evidence, p. 7063-7066 (106 KB)

Download Testimony of Lucille Williams, p. 7067-7070 (95 KB)

Download Testimony of Edgar L. Francis, p. 7071-7086 (398 KB)

Download Testimony of Julian Wilson, p. 7087-7099 (323 KB)

Download Court's ruling on the motion for a new trial, p. 7100-7102 (89 KB)


Trial transcript pages 6644-7192, covering December 13, 1954 to December 21, 1954; hearing on the motion for a new trial, December 30, 1954 to January 3, 1955; filing of bill of exceptions, January 31, 1955

Includes testimony of defense witnesses Dr. Horace M. Don, friend of Sam Sheppard who interned at Bay View Hospital; Dr. John Frank Novatney, Marilyn Sheppard's dentist; Dr. Charles Elkins, neurosurgeon who examined Sam Sheppard on July 4; Paul L. Teare, Bell Telephone worker who testified about phone records; Mary Brown, Marilyn Sheppard's aunt; the defense rests; renewal of defense motions; state's rebuttal witness Jay Hubach, Bay Village Police sergeant; closing arguments; jury instructions; defense exceptions; verdict

Motion for a new trial; witness Gus Dallas, Plain Dealer reporter; Lucille Williams, Louise Feuchter, and James Bird, jurors in trial; motion to present new evidence; Edgar Francis, bailiff during trial; Julian Wilson, Associated Press photographer; court's ruling on motion

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Cleveland, Ohio


1954 trial, Judge Edward Blythin, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Fred W. Garmone, William H. Corrigan, Frank T. Cullitan, John H. Mahon, Saul S. Danaceau, Thomas J. Parrino, publicity, change of venue, closing statements, defense motion to dismiss, Jay H. Hubach, Horace M. Don, John Frank Novatney, Charles Elkin, Paul L. Teare, Mary Brown, Gus Dallas, Edgar L. Francis, Julian Wilson, newly discovered evidence


Judge Edward Blythin, 1954

Volume 12, 1954 Trial Transcript: Defense Witnesses; Defense Motions; Closing Arguments; Jury Instructions; Verdict; Hearing for Motion for New Trial and to Present New Evidence



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