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Trial transcript, pages 6022-6643, covering December 9, 1954 to December 13, 1954

Includes testimony of defense witnesses Leo Stawicki and Richard Knitter, who saw a bushy-haired man on Lake Road the morning of the murder; John Eaton, Bay Village Chief of Police; Seymour Rosen, friend of the Sheppards; Alfred Kreke, the Sheppards' minister; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Paine and Lawrence G. Carmen, neighbors of the Sheppards; Dr. Sam Sheppard

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Cleveland, Ohio


1954 trial, Judge Edward Blythin, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Fred W. Garmone, William H. Corrigan, Frank T. Cullitan, John H. Mahon, Saul S. Danaceau, Thomas J. Parrino, Neighbor of Sam and Marilyn Sheppard, bushy-haired man, John P. Eaton, Leo Stawicki, Richard E. Knitter, Seymour L. Rosen, Lawrence G. Carmen, Alfred C. Kreke, Mrs. Arthur G. Paine, Arthur G. Paine, Sam Sheppard


Sketch: Bushy-haired man, 1954

Volume 11, 1954 Trial Transcript: Defense Witnesses; Testimony of Dr. Sam Sheppard



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