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Trial transcript, pages 1641-2247, covering November 4, 1954 morning session to November 9, 1954 morning session

Includes prosecutor's opening statements; defendant's opening statements; testimony of Dr. Lester Adelson, Deputy Coroner; testimony of Don Ahern and Nancy Ahern (friends of the Sheppards who were at the Sheppard home on the evening of July 3, 1954); index of witnesses

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3, 7-11, 15

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Cleveland, Ohio


1954 trial, Judge Edward Blythin, William J. Corrigan, Arthur E. Petersilge, Fred W. Garmone, William H. Corrigan, Frank T. Cullitan, John H. Mahon, Saul S. Danaceau, Thomas J. Parrino, opening statements, Lester Adelson, Don Ahern, Nancy Ahern, Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office, neighbor of Sam and Marilyn Sheppard


Photo: Chief Deputy Coroner Lester Adelson, 1954, from Cleveland Memory

Volume 04, 1954 Trial Transcript: Opening Statements, State Witnesses Dr. Lester Adelson, Don Ahern, Nancy Ahern



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